Monday, August 20, 2007

Brain Injured Bailey?

It's often said that dogs have the gift of empathy. Unfortunately for our dog, Bailey Grace, I have a head injury.

Bailey's had a rough couple of months. Earlier this year, I moved from Grand Rapids, MI to Canton, OH. Her world changed from a condo to herself most of the time and adopted grandparents next door who spoiled her at every chance, to a room in a house with an amazing family filled with three very fun loving children. Then a few months ago, Bailey moved in with Niels--a BOY!--so she could get used to her future daddy. Six members of Niels' family arrived from The Netherlands the week before our wedding. Bailey's Dutch lessons began in earnest! We had twelve guests (both English and Dutch speaking) the weekend of the wedding. The day before the wedding, Bailey played hostess to about 50 of our friends for a pre-wedding BBQ. We had an exchausted puppy on our hands! In fact, the morning of our wedding, when Niels woke up and called Bailey to take care of business--usually met with enthusiastic bouncing--she gave him a "You've GOT be kidding!" look. After the wedding, Niels and I took off on our honeymoon and left her with the Dutchies. The day before we came back, a friend from church stayed with her. Since we've been home, she's been especially clingy as she recuperates and trusts us when we say that we're not leaving her.

I think Bailey sustained a head injury of her own this weekend. She was coming back to the house after taking care of business and tried to jump up both stairs. The operative word there is tried. She smacked head first into the cement stair and then stares off for a moment or two. Then rest of the day, she walked very tentatively and avoided the stairs. Niels and I kept a close eye on her and kept her up so she couldn't snooze.

She's doing better now, but I still feel bad for our Bailey Boo.

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